Begriff Erklärung

WEBINAR® ist eine eingetragene und lizenzierte deutsche Marke. Das Kunstwort ist seit dem Jahr 2003 beim deutschen Patent und Markenamt (DPMA) als Wortmarke eingetragen.

Auszug aus dem Interview vom 16.08.2019 mit dem Markeninhaber Mr. Marc Keller, MY: "WEBINAR® is a made-in-germany quality mark....a quality designation for web-based seminars, courses and similar products and services....WEBINAR® is by no means the same as webinar....There is a fundamental difference between the german WEBINAR® brand term and other general terms such as webinars....WEBINAR® as a quality brand is easy for everyone to recognize by its continuous capitalization and the attached ® symbol...In exactly this form, the term is used as a brand and the trademark belongs to their owner and its long as this is fully respected and remains known to the public, everything is fine and no one needs to worry...."


webinar marke


Synonyme: WEBINAR(R), WEBINAR Marke,WEBINAR Trademark

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